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Mok and Sully, alongside Thaddicus and the Stormriders, face off against the Corsair and his hellish crew. Will the Rolling Thunder survive time sail another day? Join us for the finale of Book Three!

The Stormrider docks in Splitport to prepare for the voyage ahead. Thaddicus seems uneasy about the upcoming journey. Monk gets a souvenir. Sully stares into the void.

Mira and the Tempestbreakers grace the Stormriders with their presence. Reunions are made, songs are played, and danger is met at sea.

The crew arrives to Staht in search of Mira, Thaddicus' wife, and find the town ablaze. Monk, Sully, and Thaddicus hack their way through the dark fog soldier searching for some answers.

Thaddicus reluctantly thanks the heroes, happy to see the crew in one piece. Some crew members tell the story of how they were welcomed upon the Rolling Thunder.

A new adversary throws their name in the ring for interest in the brazier stone. The corsaire, a demon horned gentleman pirate, offers Thaddicus a trade.

Sully communes with the inner workings of his psyche with the help of a little "pixie dust", resulting in a stronger bond with Rax. (Don't do pixie dust at home, kids). Our heroes hone in on the brazier stone but find out getting it will be filled with some toil and trouble.

Why'd you have to go and make things so de-HYDRA-ted? A familiar merchant gives greeeetings and presents the crew with some... recreational... wares.

Winslow and Kain reassess their approach as this arc comes to an electrifying conclusion.

Our hunters investigate a lead on the outskirts of the city. Winslow gazes into the dark. Kain throws down.