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Mok and Sully dive into the maze once more, determined to find the way out. Danger lurks among these walls, and our adventurers steel themselves for what is to come.

Mok and Sully get a beach episode! But, like, if you replaced the beach with maps, potatoes, and a semi-lucid, old dwarf.

With new abilities discovered, Mok and Sully delve deeper into the maze. The further they explore, the more strained their companionship becomes. Can they work through their differences and overcome this trial?

Come roll with us in the Rollin' Bolder Slope, the rollin' rolling rol--rolder slope? Sully and Mok explore more of the maze as they fight against the ever-growing shadows.

Sully's homesickness resonates with the stone obelisk. Mok decides to pave his own path and explore the perils of the maze alone. Moving forward together might require a few steps back Truly, life is like a maze.

It's like a blooper reel but more embarrassing. It's April! And... well... we've always been fools. Enjoy some laughs with/at us!

A gargantuan maze traps Mok and Sully, further hindering their voyage home. Resigning themselves to further adventure, they push on, meeting a solemn knight along the way.

Unconscious and lost once more, what will happen to our two inadvertent adventurers as we move in to Book Two of Link Strike?

Their struggles in Brackenshire drawing to a close, Mok and Sully face off against the source of corruption.

Tensions in Brakenshire come to a head, and Mok and Sully find themselves in the center of it all.