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Welcome to "In the Shade of the Sun", a new one-arc campaign from True Meta Inc.! Listen as Max, Eric, and temporarily-promoted Dungeon Master Victor begin weaving an urban fantasy adventure influenced by Monster of the Week. 

(We'll be releasing episodes of Shade weekly til the end of August and return to our Link Strike adventure in September!)

Alongside Captain Thaddicus, Mok and Sully push into the seaside cavern. What mysteries await them inside?

Warm soup brings the merchant ship crew together and Captain Thaddicus reveals his search for a brazier stone rumored to be in a nearby cave.

Mok and Sully get to be pirates!!! Well, on a merchant ship, but that's a slippery slope. After meeting some of the colorful crew our heroes get interrupted by a new foe with a familiar motif--someone is watching.

Choosing to forsake their progress in the maze to save the town of Bascamp, Mok and Sully stand before a demonic horde. Will they prevail? Will they strike down the Proctor in the depths of the labyrinth? Will they finally make their way home? Find out in the finale of Book Two.

Mok and Sully continue looking for an exit but come upon a few dead ends. They run into a familiar foe and are forced to make a thorny decision. Listen in as our heroes try to avoid their dead end.

Mok and Sully dive into the maze once more, determined to find the way out. Danger lurks among these walls, and our adventurers steel themselves for what is to come.

Mok and Sully get a beach episode! But, like, if you replaced the beach with maps, potatoes, and a semi-lucid, old dwarf.

With new abilities discovered, Mok and Sully delve deeper into the maze. The further they explore, the more strained their companionship becomes. Can they work through their differences and overcome this trial?

Come roll with us in the Rollin' Bolder Slope, the rollin' rolling rol--rolder slope? Sully and Mok explore more of the maze as they fight against the ever-growing shadows.