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Assigned to the sleepy town of Downmorrow, Mok and Sully try to cope with their setback, and some introspection reveals new abilities.

Mok and Sully had a great fall--from Bartholomew graces. They're sent off to an uneventful town as punishment.

Newly minted Brackenshire guards, Mok and Sully, dine with the Duke and start their first night on watch. Also, what am perception checks?

Mok and Sully decide on a path forward, aided by good people, bad soup, and a training montage.

Lost and bewildered, Mok and Sully find themselves in an unknown region. They look to the locals in the hopes of making their way back home. Also, a large pile of snakes.

"Rolling dice and killing things and maybe feeling a little along the way."

Meet Solomon Ortega and Mok Moksha as they embark on their first quest--taking the town's ledger to Essekeep! But, like the start of all good journeys, a few bumps along the road begin the path to adventure.