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Our heroes craft a plan to retaliate against the Empress.

We return to Link Strike as Mok Moksha and Solomon Ortega grieve the death of a friend. But, despite their loss, they must shoulder the hopes of a city at war.

Kain and Winslow learn what they're really up against.

Returning to the Cooper House, our hunters get more questions than answers. Can you whiffle it?

Our hunters stick their noses where they don’t belong. Winslow forms a connection. Kain flexes.

After catching a song at the Saffron Court, our hunters decide to split. Winslow works on his bedside manner. Kain runs into a mystery.

Back at the Glade, our hunters lend a hand. Later, Kain picks up on signals. Winslow makes a choice.

Months later, our hunters follow a loose end. Winslow makes a mark. Kain crashes hard.

We're back! Join mercenaries Kain Omen (Eric) and Winslow Harris (Max) as returning Dungeon Master Victor leads them on another hunt through the fantastically futuristic Summit City.

In this episode: Kain goes home. Winslow practices with his newfound powers. Our hunters get tanks.

Sefris, Mok, Sully, and the roaring brigades mount a counter-attack. Will it be a stab in the dark or a surefire shot.