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Scrambling for a lead, our hunters gamble their hopes. Winslow keeps watch while Kain wins big.

Winslow and Kain check in at the Glade as the hunt moves in an unexpected direction.

In search of their true prey, our hunters hit the beach... in more ways than one

In this episode: Hunting a mimic in a pawn shop. Kain licks a gazebo. Winslow gets a secret gift.

Hunt 3! Join mercenaries Kain Omen (Eric) and Winslow Harris (Max) as returning Dungeon Master Victor leads them through the holidays and beyond in the fantastically futuristic Summit City.

In this episode: Kain pursues self-growth, while Winslow finds a friend. Our hunters discover unexpected costs - and rewards.


Join us as we socially distance by the fire and reflect on another new year.

Sully gains a grudge against Valorant and aims to strike them down in righteous fury.

Our heroes enter a bloody fight with Maim and Maul

Through a series of strange and unorthodox strategies, Mok and Sully fight their way through their first bout in the Trial of Legends.

With the preliminary rounds behind them, Mok and Sully spend their off weeks getting ready for the Trial of Legends. Mok extends an olive branch. Sully shatters a family.

It’s all about rolling dice BAE-BEE. An actual play, Dungeons and Dragons podcast focusing on story, character growth, and some sweet, sweet combat. Come join us before your next adventure!